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Sports in our Life is Vital

What sport do you play?

The practice of a sport or simply doing a moderate exercise on a regular basis is the best ally to maintain a healthy and fit heart. Lack of physical activity can lead to health problems and is undoubtedly a risk factors for life and health.

Through sport, body expression is also improved, achieving through this language to relate the personal experiences of each one with the external reality and therefore, it is a considerable help to improve communication skills with society as well as an improvement in tolerance and comprehension.

Currently, jobs require minimal physical effort . Due to technological advances, people have become increasingly sedentary . That is why sport must take on more and more importance in the life of each individual.

In the middle of the last century, issues that had to do with sport were only discussed by sports specialists and among athletes . At present, the subject of sport is something that is handled in any social sphere, giving great importance to it. Similarly, sport is presented in different manifestations. These are: recreational, sports, physical and recreational activities. All of these are put into practice in any space and even at the managerial level. This allows a better development in any area of ​​our lives.

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